Currys Customer Service Number

As technology continues to change business for the better, it’s important to not forget the previous parts of customer experiences that have made them seamless and comfortable. For example, when looking to the future of social media as an innovation for connecting consumers directly to companies in a new format, businesses should also stay focused on improving the phone services that have made them so popular among consumers for so long.

Currys has always embraced this philosophy, looking to the future for innovation just as much as maintaining the things that made the past customer experiences so great. For example, the Currys Customer Service lines offer a great variety of different options for consumers to be directly connected to people who will help them troubleshoot their devices or assist them with any questions they might have about the Currys service.

One of the ways in which Currys soars above the competition is how they have multiple different lines to choose from when contacting them. When calling, consumers can choose between the Sales line (0344 561 0000) or the Currys telephone number for Customer Service and Repair & Support line (0344 561 1234). These lines are both open 7 days a week, but they have slightly different hours. For example, the Customer Service and Repair & Support line is open from 8am to 8pm on weekdays, 8am to 6pm on Saturday, and 9am to 6pm on Sunday. The Sales line retains similar hours on weekdays, but instead has the different weekend hours of 9am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday.

If you’re looking for direct technical troubleshooting with any device you have bought from Currys, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a group of customer service agents called Team Knowhow that are available 24/7 (and most holidays) to help you with any questions you might have. You can reach them by contacting the Customer Service and Repair & Support line, giving you even more options to keep in mind when speaking with the company.

On top of maintaining an intuitive and varied phone support service, Currys also has modern options with which consumers can contact them with. For example, Currys has a robust social media presence online, allowing customers to contact them through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even Pinterest! Through following their social media presence, customers can keep in touch regarding company updates, new products, and also message customer support agents with any questions. It’s also possible to email the customer support team if that is a preferable method for you.

Currys understands that having a robust customer service initiative is not only the best way to get customers to trust your company, but also keep purchasing products from you. Call Currys today for any questions you might have!